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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The New Highlighted New Testament Bible

Review this bible and give your comments. 

Compare it with your bible for readability and comprehension. 

In this preview above, pages were taken from several books of the bible.  By comparing the different passages one can see the difference in what they would look like in the Highlighted New Testament Bible. 

If you like what you read, you can purchase a PDF file of the complete 691 pages of the New Testament Bible by clicking the link to the right. 

This is the work of 18 months worth of daily reading, underlining, highlighting, making bold, etc.  It started out as a mere reading of the Bible.  What I discovered is here before you on these pages.  Come, discover for yourself.  Come, follow the path that was given to me.  It has been a labor of love that has brought me closer to God and brought the Holy Spirit to dwell within me.  I pray that I may share the love, the enlightenment, the light, the joy, the knowledge that the Spirit gives to me daily with those who would only follow. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why do Preachers Preach???

I wanted to ask the believing church body, why do preachers preach? Other than to deliver a message on a subject that can be utilized as a teaching lesson to be sold in CD or DVD format, what is the purpose of the sermon???

Preachers are supposed to be Shepherds guiding and leading their flock somewhere. Where do they lead them???

I listen and watch many church programs where often times preachers condemn and accuse their congregation of not having a relationship with Christ. They accuse the church body of living in the world, of not having faith in God, of living in sinful relationships, and on an on..... Am I just getting the 30 min sermon and missing the complete picture or is this the true snapshot of what a preacher does?? What are your beliefs???

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The desire to know if you are saved and will have the promises of God , has an intended end.  It is a driving force for those who are serious about their beliefs.  This desire wants fulfillment in certainty.  It wants truth.  It wants completion.  How do you know??? 

First let us contend with the uncertainty that comes with not being sure of who we are and where we are going, doubt.  Doubt plagues our knowledge daily and minute by minute picking away at our certainty as though it were a maggot.  It constantly tempts us to open ourselves up to the thought that we may be unsure of what we believe.  And if we allow it to creep into our thoughts and take hold, it will grow and fester and become a full blown beast, until there is no room for knowing, only room for not knowing and not believing.  Soon we no longer believe but turn our attention away from that knowledge given us, to the world that consumes us with its’ toys and trinkets, and glittering things that look and appeal to us as real and giving life on the surface but underneath is death and dying. 

So knowledge of the truth of what we desire remains with a struggle.  We fight a battle daily to keep what we have learned and know.  As the saying goes, “If you do not use it you loose it.”  So that knowledge, comes with exercise and a daily routine to maintain what we have.  It is like someone who wants to become a body builder.  He must exercise daily to reach a level of fitness that is displayed outwardly in the shape of his body.  That level of fitness must be maintained once the outward appearance has been achieved.  So it is also with our knowledge.  It must be exercised and maintained at a level that sustains us in not just believing, but now, in knowing what we believe and sharing that knowledge with others.

How does one know if he/she is saved??   My journey to discover this truth has come with work.  Are you ready to complete the journey??  Are you ready to do the work??  Do you have the burning desire that will drive you to your destination??  If so, then you are ready to begin.  Yet what I am about to say may sound small and trivial, it is the truth.  I say this with a clear conscience before God and I hope that you are ready to receive it. 

Put away all other assignments.  Put away all other instructional readings and spiritual literature that you may have.  This requires your complete focus and attention.  It requires discipline.  It requires a regular set schedule that you will commit to.  It requires that you  believe that you will have your answer when the journey is complete.  You see, the question: “How do we know that we are saved??”, can not be answered with a simple answer.  For, if that were the case, everyone would know.  Your desire to know comes with a journey that will lead you to discover the greatest treasure of your life.  Your desire to know will lead you to true love.  Your desire to know will lead you to true peace.  Your desire to know will open the eyes of your heart so that there will be no doubt left as to who you are and where you are going.        

If you are ready to begin, set aside an hour of your day preferably first thing in the morning.  This means going to bed earlier so that you can get up earlier than you normally are accustomed to doing.  Allow enough time for you to have your cup of coffee and to become fully awake.  You need to be prepared because you are going to school.  Your journey is to read the New testament from beginning to end.    

Start with Matthew, the introduction and read through to Revelations, the final attestation.  I will be there with you to walk the journey and help in any way that I can.  This text, The Highlighted New Testament Bible is my journey.  It is the result of my discovery and my walk through the New Testament.  It is my witness of how I know.  If you choose you can use it or you can use any New Testament Bible. 

You see, the journey is not in what you wear, but in who speaks to you.  The Holy Spirit transcends all language and brings understanding no matter what language you speak.  For it is the sweet knowledge that the Spirit brings to us that makes us know that we are blessed. 

So begin your journey and let no one interfere.  I am not the teacher.  My job is only to plant the seed and maybe to water.  For God gives the growth and understanding.  I know, that, if you are disciplined and persistent in your desire, you will find what your heart desires.  I have found mine and I wait with sweet anticipation of you receiving yours. 

Seek not for understanding for understanding will overtake you if your desire calls it.  Seek not for knowledge for knowledge is illusive, but instead allow knowledge to flow through you as a wave of emotions flow through the body from the head to the feet bringing a rush of tingling sensations.  Then you know, what you know because it has been given to you.  We speak of spiritual knowledge and not of the knowledge of men.  For had the rulers of this world known of this knowledge they would have never killed the creator of knowledge.